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AFA Event: CFS Side Event on Forests and Family Farming for food Security and Nutrition (16 October 2014, Rome)

Committee on Food Security (CFS) Side event on Forests and Family Farming for food Security and Nutrition (16 October 2014, Rome)

AFA co-organized a side event with FAO Forestry Department and Forest and Farm Facility together with the Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty. AFA was represented by Mr. Lyam Bahadur Darjee, a farmer leader and Secretary-General of National Land Rights Forum (NLRF), who shared his experience and reflections of a Nepali Farmer on Agro-Forestry Based Farming for Food and Nutrition Security. The discussion during the side event highlighted the interconnectedness of forests and farms at the landscape level as well as the important role of forests and trees in family farming and food security through the direct provision of nutritious food and by maintaining sustainable agriculture systems for ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

Lyam Bahadur Darji – Agro-Forestry Based Farming for Food and Nutrition Security – Powerpoint Presentation 
Forest and Family Farming for Food Security and Nutrition – Proceedings

Event: Regional Dialogue on Women’s Inclusion in Landscape Management in Asia (October 7-9, 2014, Chiangmai, Thailand)


AFA Marketing and Enterprise Development Officer Victoria Serrato represented AFA in the regional dialogue organized by WOCAN and its partners. The dialogue focused on understanding the current debates on women inclusion/exclusion at the regional and international levels, building communities of practice and promoting women’s inclusion and gender equality in debates around the future role of women and the value of forests in relation to food, fuel and fiber and contributing to regional approaches of “The Forests Dialogue in Asia and International.” AFA shared the existing mechanisms on how women are included in the processes and the assessment of the role of women involvement in the sustainable enterprise and agriculture value chain. In addition, AFA was able to build new networks/linkages with other CSOs in Asia and beyond, and with community-based forest and management networks and learned from their experiences that can be used as input in developing tools and technical support in the implementation of the Forest and Farm Facility project.


In the News (Indonesia): Ensuring Redd is not mere pulp fiction

RECENT developments in curbing high levels of forest loss around the world are promising. They are significant because deforestation, including the clearing of trees from peat swamps in South-east Asia, is the biggest source of global warming emissions from human activity, after fossil fuel burning.

Indonesia has the eighth largest forest area on the planet and half the global total of tropical peatland. It is the world’s leading emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from deforestation.

So Indonesia’s announcement last month that, starting next January, it will place a two-year moratorium on new permits to clear forests and peatlands is a potentially important advance in a programme to help developing countries protect forests. In fact, advocates of the United Nations-backed forest preservation scheme, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (Redd), argue that it is the fastest and cheapest way to cut greenhouse emissions.

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In the News: Vietnam focuses on forest protection

Vietnam has increased investment in forest projects to better protect forest resources, said Hua Duc Nhi, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

Mr Nhi made the statement at an annual meeting in Hanoi on February 2 to review the Forestry Sector Support Partnership (FSSP).

The meeting evaluated the progress made in implementing the forestry sector’s five-year development strategy through 2010, reviewed their partners’ performance and discussed plans for financial and technical assistance to the sector.

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