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In the News: Magazine digest — Award-winning farmer maintains guava ‘museum’

Chiang Tsai-lang’s dedication to growing guavas for more than 40 years has seen him create a wealth of varieties, making his 4,850-square-meter farm in central Taiwan a “museum of guava” and a must-see attraction for anyone interested in his unique growing and cultivation techniques.

In addition to the common varieties of guava, the 68-year-old’s farm in Changhua County’s Yuanlin Township boasts such oddities as purple guavas and guavas that look like watermelons on the inside. To identify each variety, Chiang tags his trees with labels in various colors.

Chiang began to study farm management, pest control and growing techniques after becoming the first head of a local guava production and marketing group in 1989, and his work won him an “Outstanding Farmer” award from the Council of Agriculture in 2006.

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