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AFA presents data on large scale land acquisitions in Asia at the 2015 Global Land Forum

1510452_10152940051828520_8957872594548530180_nDakar, Senegal, 14 May 2015 — As focal point for the Land Matrix in Asia, AFA presented data on large scale land acquisitions in the region during the session organized by GIGA and ILC on May 13 at the 2015 Global Land Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

The data showed a high success rate of negotiations in foreign land deals in Asia, but a slower pace of implementation, and smaller area of contracted lands being put under actual production.

The data also showed patterns in former use of land and the intentions of investment on land, where mainly agricultural lands are being acquired for food, non-food commodities, unspecified agriculture produce and biofuels.
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AFA joins Southeast Asia land hearing advisory group

In a meeting last June 11, 2013 at the Partnership Center in Quezon City, Philippines, AFA represented by Maria Elena Rebagay, agreed to join ANGOC, OXFAM and other regional and national groups in the Southeast Asia Regional land hearing advisory group tasked to provide advisory support in the conduct of regional land hearing. The group aims to:

1) Provide an overview of the facilitating and constraining factors on the entry of agricultural and land investments in the communities in different Southeast Asian contexts;
2) Assess the negotiation terms and processes to see if they are transparent, inclusive and participative, and if they conform to the prevailing legal/regulatory policies and standards (both national and international);
3) Analyze current and potential impacts of these investments on the communities in relation to land tenure, livelihood, basic services, food security and the environment, and develop community safeguards based on the people’s perspectives;
4) Recommend appropriate actions, whether by reforming policy or accountability mechanisms and structures, to address the flaws and gaps in regulation and in the negotiation terms and processes and identified (potential) impacts at community, national and international levels.

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AFA video on land investments shown at ADB brown bag session on VG and RAI

IMG_0005An AFA video featuring case studies on land investments in the Philippines and Cambodia was shown last June 10, 2013 at ADB West Core Resource Center at the opening session of the ADB brown bag session on the voluntary guideline on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forestry in the context of national food security (VG) and the responsible agricultural investment (RAI).

AFA Policy Advocacy Officer Lany Rebagay summarized the video presentation and emphasized the negative impact of irresponsible land-based investments which lead to the displacement of smallholder farmers, loss of biodiversity due to the introduction of unsustainable package of production and processing technologies including the unequal sharing of risks and benefit caused by unbalanced negotiation in the contracting process. AFA also stressed that small-scale farmers can effectively contribute to food security and poverty reduction if they are given security over their rights to productive resources like land, water and seeds.

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