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The 2007 Jeju Declaration on Natural Farming

jeju natural farming nov 2007(The following is the declaration that came out of the International Conference on Natural Farming held in Jeju, South Korea on November 5-9, 2007 that was attended by AFA, represented by Treasurer Vicente Fabe and Project Officer Marciano Virola, Jr. SorKorPor, an AFA member in Thailand, also attended, represented by Chairperson Vikit and Secretary General Chaiwat Suravichai)

Our earth is screaming.

The natural ecological system has been broken, the climate has become abnormal, the chemical contamination has become an urgent issue worldwide, and the whole ecosystem has fallen into a crisis. The agriculture and the food supply are being threatened.

The small scale farming, where farmers live close to nature, utilize natural blessing respectfully, cultivate and lice as close families, is dwindling. Farm lands are moving toward the large scale mechanized farming where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are routinely used to improve the short-term productivity. A key consequence is the environmental pollution such as soil degradation and water contamination as well as the destruction of the food safety. More sales with more profit are emphasized over the steady delivery of safe food. This change in the farming philosophy helps hunger to spread throughout the world.

Today’s crisis in agriculture and food is largely caused by the efficiency-driven economy and scientific technology. Market economy is dominated by the survival of the strongest. The large scale farming supported by big capital investments is driving out the traditional small scale family farming which has been relying upon the natural power of the land. Continue reading The 2007 Jeju Declaration on Natural Farming