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Women’s Land Rights, Gender-Responsive Policies and the World Bank (Philippines)

womens land conference 2015
Equity @resourceequity_Violeta Corral of PAKISAMA (left) – @PAKISAMA:Women must be empowered with knowledge of laws/policies, so they can assert their rights. womensland #LandConf2015

By Violeta P. Corral, Pambansang Kilusan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka (PAKISAMA)

PAKISAMA participated at the 16th Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty held on March 23–27, 2015 at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. Organized by the Bank’s Development Economic Research Group (DECRG), the conference is a key global event which fosters dialogue and sharing of best practices among representatives from governments, civil society, academia, the development community, and the private sector on the diversity of reforms, approaches and experiences that are being implemented in land sectors around the world.  The theme for 2015 “Linking Land Tenure and Use for Shared Prosperity” highlights the effects of land tenure in the distribution of assets between men and women, generations, and social groups, and how patterns of land use will have far-reaching implications for welfare and other socioeconomic outcomes at household, community, or landscape level. PAKISAMA’s participation was made possible with travel support from the International Land Coalition (ILC). Continue reading Women’s Land Rights, Gender-Responsive Policies and the World Bank (Philippines)