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AFA to hold regional consultations on food sovereignty, climate change, and marketing

The Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), a regional alliance of nine national farmers’ organizations, in eight countries in Asia, representing ten million farmers, will hold a consultation-workshop, entitled “Farmers’ Voices, Farmers’ Choices: AFA Regional Consultations on Food Sovereignty, Climate Change and Marketing”, on October 6-10, 2009, at Princeton Park Suites, No. 3, Mitmaitri Road, Din Daeng District, Bangkok, Thailand.

This consultation is part of AFA’s continuing efforts to deepen the understanding of small scale men and women farmers on regional and global events, especially their implications on small scale men and women farmers. This consultation is held parallel to the UN Intersessional Meeting on Climate Change, also being conducted in Bangkok this September 27-October 9.

There are two main AFA events that AFA will hold:

1) On October 6-8, AFA will conduct a regional consultation on “Asian Women Farmers’ Reclaiming Space for Food Sovereignty Amidst Climate Change”. Women farmer leaders will come together to understand the Asian and global dynamics of the climate change negotiations, to share their initiatives in ensuring food security and in responding to the effects of climate change.

2) On October 9-10, AFA will conduct the “Regional Knowledge Sharing on AFA Members’ Marketing Initiatives: Basics in Engaging the Market”. This knowledge sharing will give the participants additional knowledge and insights on how to develop/improve their marketing strategies of identified focus crops. During this workshop, a framework for commodity based organizing will be formulated which will hopefully guide farmers’ groups in forming commodity-based groups.

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AFA members attend marketing workshop in the Philippines

Representatives from AFA member farmer organizations came to the Philippines to attend the workshop on linking small farmers to market organized by AsiaDHRRA, a regional network of NGOs working in rural Asia (Click here for more information about the workshop)

Ms. Khuonn Sey of FNN, Ms. Ririn of API, Mr. Jon of PAKISAMA, Mr. Tham and Ms. Thi Ma of VNFU, and Khun Pote of SorKorPor flew to the City of Cagayan de Oro to attend the workshop from June 28-July 2. They were joined by AFA Sec Gen Esther Penunia.

The said AFA member organizations attended the workshop to learn about other marketing initiatives in the region and enrich their own marketing efforts.

API farmer leader visits AFA office

A woman farmer leader from API, who is in the Philippines to attend a workshop on linking small farmers to market organized by AsiaDHRRA, a regional network of NGOs working in rural Asia, in Cagayan de Oro City (Click here for more information about the workshop), visited the AFA office last June 26.

Ms. Ririn (Second from left in the photo), accompanied by staff from Bina Desa, a partner NGO of API, also paid a quick visit to the AFA office in Quezon City to meet with the regional farmer organization’s Secretary General and other staff.

Aliansi Petani Indonesia (API) is an AFA member in Indonesia.

45 Banasi farmers starts 444-kilometer “Sumilao Walk”

To Demand PGMA to Give them back their land and to Call for the Immediate Passage of CARPER Bill

PAKISAMA Press Statement
17 November 2008, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Contact Persons: PAKISAMA: Rene Cerilla 0919-2363496 / Soc Banzuela 0917-7188986

After a short program attended by various support groups, forty-five farmers (12 women, 33 men) from Banasi Agrarian Reform Farmer Beneficiary Association (BARFBA) started their 444-kilometer walk to Malacanang at 9 a.m. today, November 17, 2008, from Sitio Banasi, Barangay Pawili in Bula, Camarines Sur.

They are marching to Malacanang to demand from the President the reversal of the Office of the President’s April 2008 decision signed by Secretary Ermita. The decision orders the Department of Agrarian Reform to cancel in favor of the previous landowners, Fajardo-Imperial, the Certificate of Landownership Award (CLOA) covering 123 hectares awarded to 57 Banasi farmers eleven years ago.

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AFA holds roundtable discussion on marketing project


By Tsai Shu Hui, AFA
To help us understand better the marketing project in Asia and get comments and feedback on the initial concept, AFA called for a roundtable discussion last October 3, 2008.

Twelve (12) participants attended from different organizations such as, AsiaDHRRA, PAKISAMA and AFA secretariat. The RTD was held at the AsiaDHRRA Office, in Quezon City, Philippines.

Farmer leaders from PAKISAMA gave useful ideas on the marketing proposal which will be drafted by AFA. (Photo by Tsai Shu Hui, AFA)


In the News: Farmers introduced to Taiwanese veggies

The Swazi Observer, April 26, 208

THE Taiwanese Agricultural Mission has introduced farmers in Mbekelweni to a new vegetable project aimed at enhancing the productivity of certain vegetables of Taiwanese origin.

The Republic of China on Taiwan’s agricultural mission, whose aim is to improve food security through assisting local smallholder farmers create sustainable income so as to ultimately reduce poverty, introduced the farmers to vegetables such as water spinach and sweet potato leaves.

They were also introduced to soya beans, which are said to be rich in nutrients, especially protein and have a high commercial potential.

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Monograph: AFA Field Visits & Farmer Interactions (2006-2007)

This monograph presents the highlights of the farmers’ exchange visits (FEVs) in Indonesia and Japan, conducted by AFA, in cooperation with AsiaDHRRA. It also contains the highlights of the field visits held during regional consultations in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. All of these FEVs and field visits occurred during the years 2006-2007.

The conduct of these farmers’ exchange and field visits is in line with AFA’s strategic plan for 2006-2010.

The publication of this monograph was made possible with the support of Agriterra.

To download a PDF copy of this monograph, click here.

To order hard copies of this monograph, get in touch with the AFA Secretariat.

Asian Farmers’ Issues, Initiatives and Perspectives in Marketing and Trading*

[Paper developed by the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and presented by Mr. Long Dimanche, Secretary of Farmer and Nature Net, an AFA member in Cambodia, during the “Sub-Regional Seminar on Enhancing Capacities of NGOs and Farmers’ Groups to Link Farmers to Markets”, May 9-12, Bali, Indonesia, organized by VECO-Indonesia.]

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