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Video: Farmers’ Voices on Agricultural Land Investments

This video presents the experiences of small scale women and men farmers, fishers, and indigenous peoples with agricultural land investments and their impact on their lives and livelihoods.

Six cases are featured – three in Cambodia and three in the Philippines.

The video is one of the knowledge products that came out of the project “Expanding the Dialogue on Large-Scale Land Acquisition and their Alternatives” implemented by the Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA) with the support of the International Land Coalition (ILC) in 2011-2012.

Total running time: 12 minutes

AFA presents video teaser on climate change

AFA presented a video teaser on climate change during a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand last October 22, 2009. In response to the threats of climate change, which impacts heavily on small scale men and women farmers in Asia, the video called on world leaders, policy makers, and other stakeholders to Cut green house gas emissions! Promote sustainable agriculture! and Support small scale men and women farmers now!

Click here for the video: