In the News (Indonesia): Rattan export limitation harms local industry

(Export limit policies for non-food agricultural products need to be rationalized to ensure a better deal for local producers. Policies allowing only certain regions of the country to export certain agricultural products should be supported by infrastructure and support services as well to meet the production targets. — Admin)

Farmers and activists demand the government revise the 2009 Trade Ministry Regulation limiting rattan exports, arguing it could destroy the domestic rattan industry.

“The regulation has limited the country’s rattan exports,” Julius Hoesan from the Indonesian Rattan Businessmen Association (APRI) said in a dialog here on Wednesday.

The regulation allows annual exports of up to 35,000 tons of semi-finished rattan.

Julius said Indonesia’s rattan consumption was only 40,000 tons per year while its potential production of natural rattan could reach 696,000 tons annually.

“What are we going to do with the rest of the rattan produced? It causes rattan prices to decline.”

Read the full story at The Jakarta Post

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