About AFA

Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA)

“Empowering small scale women and men farmers in Asia

Our Nature

We are an Asian alliance of national farmers organizations composed of small scale women and men family farmers, fishers, indigenous peoples, forest users, herders and pastoralists.

We were established in 2002 after a series of farmers’ exchange visits organized by AsiaDHRRA,  a partner Asian regional NGO.  In these exchange visits, conducted over three years, we saw the great need to come together to share, learn and act on our common desire for a better quality of life for ourselves, our families and our farming communities.

AFA invites national farmer organizations as members. We work with other CSOs in facilitating the formation of national farmer organizations and cooperatives and in continuously building their capacities.

AFA convenes a General Assembly every two years, an Executive Committee  meeting every year, and an online Management Committee meeting every month.

Our Vision

Just, free, peaceful, healthy, economically viable, sustainable and resilient family farming communities in Asia

Our Mission

To build solidarity, raise our collective voice, and empower our members as key drivers and actors  for sustainable rural development

Our Goal

To strengthen the capacities of the leaders and technical staff of national farmer organizations, leading to eradication of poverty and hunger, increased resilience, and sense of well-being of family farmers in Asia

Our Priority Agenda  and Basis of Unity

  1. Promote secure tenurial rights of small scale women and men family farmers over natural resources: lands, waters, forests, seeds
  1. Produce diverse and nutritious food through sustainable, integrated, diversified, resilient, organic, agro-ecological  family farming systems and practicesin farms and forested landscapes
  1. Build and strengthen familyfarmers’ cooperatives and  their enterprises  that will give farmers stronger involvement in value chains and increase their market power
  1. Promote fair treatment and ensure equitable rights and opportunities among womenand men farmers
  1. Promote agriculture towards the youngand build their interests and capacities towards sustainable and resilient farming and related enterprises

AFA  promotes the five priority agenda through programs and projects that are coordinated at regional/international levels and implemented at national levels.  AFA   links, networks, coordinates and partner with like-minded institutions  that help push forward our five priority agenda.

Our Key Program Interventions: Our five thematic programs have the following cross cutting  strategic interventions, matching AFA’s role  as a regional FO:

  1. Policy Advocacy – As an influential advocate, AFA brings the voices of small scale family farmers in Asia to strategic national, regional and international policy making processes.  We make efforts to influence policy makers  so that they will make laws, policies, programs, and investments that will benefit and improve the living conditions of small scale family farmers.
  2. Capacity Building – As an effective capacity builder, AFA  strengthens capacities of the leaders and technical staff  of farmers’ organizations so that they can efficiently manage their organizations and cooperatives, as well as their enterprises and businesses.
  3. Knowledge Management – As a learning organization and a knowledge and learning hub for farmers and policy makers, AFA captures, shares and institutionalize knowledge and lessons learned by member and partner farmer organizations in promoting its priority agenda.  We do this  through facilitation of effective farmer-to-farmer exchanges  workshops and learners’ circles, awarding of farmer and FO innovators, production of learning materials around our priority agenda, promotion of members’ products, and social media reporting.
  4. Sustainability  – As a business development service provider, AFA  works so that we continue to be a large, diverse, strong, dynamic, trustworthy, and inclusive regional farmer organization , and that our organizational systems and processes are transparent, democratic, effective, efficient  and sustainable. We endeavor to increase internally generated resources through our thematic interventions on Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperative Development.

 Contact Details:

Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA)

Rm. 206 Partnership Center
59 C. Salvador St., Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: (632) 436-4640
Telefax:(632) 425-0176
Email: afa@asianfarmers.org
Website: www.asianfarmers.org

Follow us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsianFarmersAssociation
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AsianFarmers

 “There is a saying that, ‘The dream of one person may quickly die, but the dream of many will someday surely come true.’ It is our dream in AFA to make farmers’ groups in Asia cooperate tightly, help each other, and make their collective voices stronger. AFA can be the core of all Asian farmers fighting for survival and better quality of lives. We hope you share our dream, and together, we can share this dream to as many farmers’ groups in Asia as possible.” (Seo, Jung-Eui, AFA Chairperson, 2006-2008)

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