AFA crafts 5-year operations plan

In its 7th general assembly held in Hanoi, Vietnam last August 2016, AFA approved a five-year strategic plan which prioritizes 5 agenda: (1) secured rights to lands, waters, forests, pastures and seeds; (2) sustainable and resilient agriculture in farms and forested landscapes; (3) cooperative and enterprise development; (4) women; and, (5) youth empowerment.

Last December 3-4, 2016, the AFA members met to work on the details of the strategic plan through an operational planning.

Through a participatory method, the members worked on each agenda to flesh out what AFA wants to achieve in the next five years and what key activities it will carry out in organizing/networking, capacity building, advocacy, KM/M&E, and resource mobilization.

Present during the meeting were API (Indonesia), PAKISAMA (Philippines), FNN and FWN (Cambodia), LFN (Laos), AFFM (Myanmar), VNFU (Vietnam), NLRF and CTCF (Nepal), NAMAC (Mongolia), UWUA (Kyrgyztan), NADF (Tajikistan), AINOUKAI (Japna) and TWADA (Taiwan).

In the business meeting that followed, the 5 year operations plan and the 2017 annual plan were also approved.

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