AFA shares perspectives on Farmers’ Fighting Poverty

AFA shared the perspectives of small men and women farmers in Asia during the meeting of Agricord to discuss the next phase of the Farmers’ Fighting Poverty (FFP) last October 6, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.

Due to visa problems, AFA was not able to send its representative to the meeting, so it recorded a video message that was shown during the meeting and sent a paper that was also distributed to the meeting participants.

The meeting was a dialogue between farmer leaders from developing countries and farmer leaders from the OECD farmers’ organizations that are active within Agricord.

Agricord is starting a new phase of the Farmers’ Fighting Poverty and wanted to share the new developments with farmers’ organizations.

The discussion included the specificity of the farmer-to-farmer work (organized farmers with organized farmers) and the central theme of poverty and entrepreneurship and what it means for organized farmers, how farmers fight poverty.

In the video message and the paper that was sent, AFA Secretary General Esther Penunia highlighted the reasons why farmers remain poor, what farmers belonging to AFA are doing to fight poverty, and AFA’s agreement with the thrust of the FFP to focus its support directly to farmers organizations (FOs).

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to read the message.

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