AFA, VNFU, AsiaDHRRA, VietDHRRA co-organize prep meeting for first CSO-GO dialogue with ASEAN SOMRDPE

AFA, together with its member VNFU, is co-organizing with AsiaDHRRA and VietDHRRA a CSO preparatory meeting today, June 11, 2012 in Danang, Vietnam. The CSO preparatory meeting hopes to bring together CSOs attending the first CSO-GO dialogue with the Senior Officers Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (SOMRDPE), which will be held in Furasama Danang Hotel. The CSO Preparatory Meeting aims to provide a venue for CSOs to share ideas and information, dialogue and discuss priority areas of cooperation that could be pursued in the next 3 years, within the context of the ASEAN Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Framework action plan 2011-2015 (RDPE-FAP) \ and beyond, keeping in mind the many initiatives being pursued by CSOs on the same agenda at all fronts. Specifically, the one day preparatory meeting shall (1) revisit the 2011-2015 ASEAN RDPE-FAP and other existing ASEAN frameworks on food security and climate change and level off on understanding and expectations, ( 2) arrive at some recommendations to explore collaboration between and among CSOs and GO, in relation to the various related ASEAN frameworks for action, including the discussions of appropriate coordination mechanisms at all levels (In particular, discuss strategies per thematic thrusts, anchored on current work and strengths of the CSOs), and (3) discuss the strategic roles and interest of CSOs in pursuing the ASEAN RDPE agenda.

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