ASEAN co-organizes CSO 101 session

AFA is co-organizing a regional sharing session dubbed as ASEAN CSO 101 together with ASEAN, ASFN, NTFP-EP, ASIADHRRA and AFA  with support from SDC and the government of Indonesia . The session aims to encourage building enabling environment for meaningful engagement mechanisms and initiatives between government bodies & civil society organizations in agriculture and forestry sector development. Specifically, the session hopes to  have a clearer picture of the CSO sector and the various perspectives and approaches used by various CSOs in rural development, particularly in forestry and agriculture sector initiatives, to bring forth and highlight positive examples of CSO–government/intergovernmental collaborations, and to further identify key themes and points where ASEAN-CSO engagement and constructive dialogue is crucial in rural development,  forestry and agriculture sectors towards sustainable development.

Mr.Muhamad Nuruddin, API Sec.General and a member of AFA ExeCom will be giving an opening message to all the participants and Ms.Lany V.Rebagay, Policy Advocacy Officer of AFA will also be sharing the AFA and AsiaDHRRA experience in engaging ASEAN.

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