CSOs hold roundtable discussion on EU-ASEAN TSIA

By Tsai Shu Hui, AFA

To help understand better the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (TSIA) report on EU-ASEAN FTA made by ECORYS Netherlands and make comments and feedback, AFA called for a roundtable discussion with like-minded groups yesterday, September 10, at the PAKISAMA Office, in Quezon City, Philippines.

Ten (10) participants attended from different organizations such as, AsiaDHRRA, PhilDHRRA, Focus on the Global South, 11-11-11, and IDEALS.

There will be a consultation in Brussels, Belgium on September 11 with civil society groups. Since many groups cannot go there, AFA will e-mail its comments to some European-based NGOs who will attend the meeting.

The roundtable discussion is also held in time with AFA’s celebration of International Farmers’ Day on September 10.

AFA members are also holding activities in commemoration of Lee Kyung Hae’s martyrdom in their respective countries.

The TSIA report may be downloaded from the ECORYS website: www.tsia.ecorys.com (under EU-ASEAN Trade SIA).

(Photo by Tsai Shu Hui, AFA)

Click here for more photos of the roundtable discussion

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