Farmer organizations and coops to track impact of work

Bangkok, Thailand – With limited resources available for their work, the need to track or monitor more closely the impact of farmer organizations and coops at the national, regional and international levels have never been more important.

Thus, the Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA), in cooperation with its partners, resolve to develop further a social auditing tool that will help them do this.

AFA, together with the Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA), organized a focused group discussion (FGD) on Agricord’s Farmers’ Fighting Poverty (FFP) last Setember 8-9, 2012 at the First Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

The FGD gathered farmer leaders of AFA and other partners from the cooperative sector and regional groups focusing on women and rural development.

The participants had a rich discussion on the impact indicators related to the work of farmers organizations/cooperatives.

One important action point identified during the FGD was for AFA in cooperation with other partners to develop further the social auditing tool that will track/monitor the impact of its FOs both at the local, national, regional and international level.

The FO social auditing tool shall then be piloted in AFA members and can be further fine-tuned based on the result of the piloting.

AFA sees the impact indicators as useful guide for building the capacity of its member FOs and in knowing what support it needs from Agricord.

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