FOs, CSOs hold roundtable discussion with EU and ASEAN on strengthening agri coops and youth roles in regional integration

7 November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia — Farmer organizations and civil society organizations are holding a roundtable discussion with the EU and ASEAN to share existing initiatives and discuss/brainstorm on a potential tripartite regional program cooperation among FOs/CSOs, ASEAN and EU for strengthening the role of youth and agricultural cooperatives in the ASEAN regional integration process

Timed with the EU Agriculture Commissioner’s visit to the ASEAN region, the roundtable discussion will have two parts: a dialogue with the Agriculture Commissioner and a discussion among FOs, CSOs, EU and ASEAN stakeholders in the region to elaborate further on emerging ideas and concepts in relation to strengthening the role of FOs, agri-cooperatives, and rural youth.

Participants to the roundtable discussion include representatives from farmer federations and cooperative federations from ASEAN countries such as API, SPI and WAMTI in Indonesia, VNFU in Vietnam, FNN in Cambodia, LFN in Laos and PAKISAMA in the Philippines; and from Asian regional farmer organizations such as AFA and La Via Campesina and European farmer organizations such as CEJA.

From the agri-agencies, representatives come from AsiaDHRRA, CSA and AgriCord.

From ASEAN, participants come from ASEC, ASCC, RDPE, AF and ACEDAC.

The EU is represented by Franck Viault, Head of Cooperation, and Vebry Muamar, EEAS-JAKARTA; Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner on Agriculture and Rural Development; and, Laurent Lourdais, ASEAN Desk Officer, DG Agriculture and Rural Development.

IFAD is represented by Anisa Lucky, IFAD Country Program Office.

The roundtable discussion is one of the activities under the ASEAN Farmers’ Organisations Support Programme (AFOSP) supported by EU and IFAD.

Click here to download the roundtable discussion design and program

Click here for more information about the EU Agriculture Commissioner’s visit to ASEAN

Click here for more information about AFOSP

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