From the Field: Farmers as Scientists

from the field - farmers are scientists

Farmers as scientists. Board of peasants of API’s Central Java, Mrs. Mubayyinah, has been engaging in several experimental trial on her field. She is as a collaborator in a research called “Capacity Enhancement in Rice Production in Southeast Asia under Organic Farming System” held by BB Padi (a rice research institute, the ministry of agriculture). Mrs. Mubayyinah, head of Istiqomah Peasant Union of Merden Village, Banjarnegara district, Central Java dedicated her 750 m square of paddy field for this research which plant 40 different varieties of paddy. The research will find which variety is the most productive in such organic farming system compare to the conventional system. The research is also being done in the subsequent district. (Report and photos by Ika Krishnayanti, API, Indonesia)

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