In the News: Heatstroke Apocalypse for Japan’s Cows & Chickens

Japanese Kobe cows have a beef, and Japanese chickens are broiling: In the first one and a half month’s of this year’s record hot summer 959 milk cows, 235 meat cows, 136,000 egg chickens, and 289,000 meat chickens have died of heatstroke. Pigs aren’t faring so well either, with 657 succumbing to the heat. These numbers are up only slightly from the last survey two years ago for cows and pigs, but more than double for chickens. The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, who conducted the survey, is instructing farmers to have adequate heat shield materials and ventilation fans in animal enclosures. The heatstroke figures do not include Miyazaki Prefecture, which suffered a foot-and-mouth disease breakout this year, muddling the ability to determine cause of death.

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