In the News: Severe floods hit southern Taiwan in the aftermath of typhoon Fanapi

Several districts in Kaohsiung and Pingtung have been immersed in flood waters in the aftermath of typhoon Fanapi, which left Taiwan around six in the evening Sept. 19, the local media reported Monday.

Torrential rainfall brought by Fanapi resulted in floods in Nanzih, Zuoying, Gushan and Sanmin districts of Kaohsiung. The local government Sunday coordinated with military, carrying facilities such as generators, water pumps, boats and sandbags, to help residents in flooding area, the report said.

Several principal bridges connecting Kaohsiung and Pingtung were also closed, fearing any possible dangers out of the soaring river water, including Shuangyuan Bridge, Wanda Bridge and Liling Bridge. Any emergency needs, Kaohsiung citizens may call 1999, 2269595 for help or call 3215929 to get sandbags.

Read the full story at Taiwan News

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