IYFF meeting for the Americas held, AFA gives solidarity statement

Brasilia, November 13, 2010 – The meeting for the International Year of Family Farming Campaign (IYFF) for the American continent, was held last November 13-14, in Brasilia, Brazil.

The meeting brought together over 80 representatives (around 30% of whom are women) of peasant organizations and rural NGOs and experts in family agriculture of 13 countries in America, and representatives of the governments of Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.

The meeting was organized by the World Rural Forum (WRF), COPROFAM, a regional alliance of national farmers organization in 7 countries in MERCOSUR, and CONTAG, the national peasant and rural workers federation in Brazil, who also served as local host.

During the opening ceremonies, AFA’s Secretary General, Esther Penunia, gave a solidarity statement.

“We have the same concerns and the same aspirations… We want to work and journey with you for a UN declaration for an international year for family farming… Together, we can achieve this goal,” Ms. Penunia said.

The Asia meeting for the IYFF campaign was held in March, in New Delhi, India.

The American IYFF meeting resulted in concrete policy proposals on six thematic areas: rights to land and other natural productive resources, access to markets and trade policies, rural women, access to technology and its adaptation to family farming, agricultural production and climate change, agricultural associations and agricultural policies.

(Photos taken by Hector Torres, Chile)

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