Lessons from Nature: A guide to Ecological Agriculture in the Tropics (Shimpei Murakami)

cover photo lessons from nature

Published in 1991, this practical and insightful book is still as relevant as ever. The author, Shimpei Murakami, who is now AFA’s Chairperson, has shared a PDF copy for the public. Click here to download.

From the Foreword: “This book, Lessons from Nature by Mr. Shimpei Murakami is a praiseworthy attempt to explore the rules and principle’s of nature and how these could be better understood and applied to develop an alternative agricultural system which is not only wholesome, but also sustainable. His long working experience in Japan and 3 years experience at the Ecological Farm of Proshika has made this book very practice-oriented and at the same time, he explains meticulously, the ecological principles behind each practice. As this book is written in the context of Bangladesh, it may be the only book suitable for practitioners of ecological agriculture in Bangladesh. Apart from this, it will be an excellent resource for environmentalist who will find very good reading how agricultural resources – soil, water, biodiversity etc. – are damaged by chemical agriculture. Unlike many books on the environment, this book does not stop at describing the problems only. Mr. Murakami describes in detail the alternatives and give rational hints for practice. Above all, after reading this book, one is left with a feeling of optimism, that viable alternatives to the monumental damage to the environment exist. He proves, not theoretically but practically, that ecological agriculture is not only environmentally friendly, but also more productive and sustainable than chemical agriculture. Anyone reading this book will be convinced that ecological agriculture is based on the superior science of nature and, therefore, it is the way for the future.” ( Qazi Faruque Ahmed Executive Director PROSHIKA”)

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