Making Public Procurement Programs Work for Asian Family Farmers

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Public procurement refers to the process
through which governments or public agencies
acquire goods and services to undertake its
daily operations, and deliver basic services to
its constituents. Governments buy, lease and/
or secure goods and services through other
means of exchange in order to implement their
plans and programs. In its simplest form, public
procurement programs enable governments
to secure resources needed to help them fulfill
their functions.

However, beyond this basic use of public
procurement, there is an increasing awareness
regarding its importance as a tool for (1)
helping governments and countries achieve
key development goals, such as environmental
sustainability, food security and poverty reduction
and (2) helping small scale men and women
farmers to organize themselves, to build their
capacities to engage their governments, to meet
the demands of a sustainable market and to
increase their members’ incomes and well-being.

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