New volunteer from Korea joins AFA

Mr. Kang Min Su, the former Secretary General of the Korean Alliance of Farmer (KAF) and the Korean Alliance against the KorUS FTA, arrived in the Philippines on June 12 to join AFA as volunteer staff for advocacy work.

Mr. Kang has a wide experience in advocacy work for farmers’ organizations in Korea. He was actively involved in the protest movement in the 5th WTO Inter-Ministerial Conference held in Cancun, Mexico in 2003 and the 6th WTO Inter-Ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong last 2005.

He aims to learn and exchange experiences and information about farmers’ organizations in Asian countries. He is also interested to know how the farmers’ organizations participate in policy making in their countries.

Mr. Kang will also help coordinate the activities of the Korean Advanced Farmers’ Federation (KAFF) with AFA. His volunteer work in the AFA secretariat was recommended by the KAFF Chairperson under AFA’s staff exchange program for its members.

(In the Photo: Mr. Kang Min Su discusses his work program with Secretary General Esther Penunia and Program Officer Jun Virola. Photo taken by Ms. Shui Tsai, Technical Assistant)

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