Regional Policy Consultations on Family Farming Matters

Regional Policy Consultations on Family Farming Matters

Representatives of member organizations of the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA)  convened in Pasay City, Philippines on 2-5 December 2017 for the Regional Policy Consultations on Family Farming Matters consisting of back-to-back activities which are the planning for cooperative development program of AFA, field visit to an agricultural cooperative, MTCP2-AFOSP SRSC Southeast Asia + China meeting, and consultations on family farming issues.

Planning for Cooperative Development Program of AFA

AFA Cooperative Development Program (AFA-CDP) Director Cresente Paez gave a rundown of AFA’s Cooperative Development Program and Targets. AFA-CDP is a five-year program designed to build and strengthen farmers’ cooperatives in 13 AFA member countries based on a cooperative business model that capture economies of scale and gives farmers stronger involvement in selected agriculture commodity value chains. AFA-CDP aims to consolidate family farms according to market-driven policy commodities, mobilize pre-coops/coop groups for collective bargaining, transform farmers organizations into farmers cooperatives, and re-structure farmers coops from production-oriented service to supply/market-oriented service.

The results of country cooperative development forums held in various countries were also presented.

Nepal coop country report

Philippines coop country report

Alex Simuyandi, Technical Specialist of Smallholder Agriculture Finance Investment (SAFIN), International Fund for Agricultural Development discussed about SAFIN. Read about SAFIR here.

AFA Vice-Chair Shazada Begum giving remarks to close the day 1 session on Planning for Cooperative Development Program of AFA.

Field Visit at SIDC

The delegates of the Regional Policy Consultations on Family Farming Matters went to Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative in Batangas, Philippines to learn about the operations of the cooperative. Meanwhile, FOs representatives stayed behind in Pasay for the SRSC Southeast Asia + China follow up meeting/Joint Action ASEAN-AFOSP to Support ASEAN 2025. Read news on SRSC.

The next day, everyone convened again for the “Policy Consultations on Family Farming Issues.” The session started with a sharing on what the delegates learned from their visit in SIDC.






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