Regional Knowledge Sharing and Learning Workshop on Sustainable Agri-Enterprise Models and Strategies of National FOs’ Programs and Services to Members


6-8 September 2015
La Breza Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines
Organized by AFA | Hosted by PAKISAMA | Supported by CSA

Travel Advisory as of 2015-09-04

Draft Proceedings (10/1/15)

Annex A: Directory of Participants, Resource Persons & Facilitators

Annex B: Draft Design and Program_v3

Annex C: SIDC Presentation

Annex D: Introduction to the Regional Learning & Sharing Workshop 

Annex E: API Presentation

Annex F: A Comparative Background of 3 Philippine National FOs

Annex G: VNFU, Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetables Cooperative

Annex H: VNFU, Model on Giving Loan to Farmers

Annex I:  FNN Financial Services

Annex J: PAKISAMA Financial Intermediation

Annex K: API, Learning from Dev’t of Social Agro-enterprise of Farmers

Annex L: Indonesian Sunria Farmers’ Stories

Annex M: FNN Marketing Presentation

Annex N: TDFA and TWADA Sharing

Annex O: Japan Presentation

Annex P: GlowCorp: Connecting Farmers to Sustainable Markets

Annex Q: CSA Intervention, AFA Workshop

Annex R: Knowledge Management for Sustainable Agro-enterprises

Annex S: NAMAC National Association of Mongolian Agricultural Cooperative

Annex T: Synthesis of the 3-day Regional Learning & Sharing Workshop

Annex U: Solidarity Night, Photo Documentation



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