SorKorPor Solidarity Statement for PAKISAMA

On the occasion of the 7th National congress

Dear Brothers and sisters: our comrade in PAKISAMA

We, the Thai farmer’s Association (SorKorPor) want to talk and express our solidarity with you on the special important event in your history the 7th National congress on March 18 – 20, 2009 with the theme “Unity Amidst Challenges of the time”.

The Crisis of the global financial meltdown, climate chomge, food crisis and bad governance give a big chance of small farmers’ small fishers and indigenous peoples.

“Why and How to work – hard” this is the question,

You and other farmer’s Organization must give the best answer for the farmers, and the answer is the goal we must walk together.

We hope you can use the 7th National congress to build common understanding in “strength, weakness, Obstacles and opportunities” in your organization and create strategic plan and tactical Action plan for solve the solution.

We also hope that after the 7th National congress, your organization will strengthen and more stronger and can do more works for your farmers, fishers and indigenous peoples.

May PAKISAMA young youn!
Long live PAKISAMA!

In solidarity

Prawit Panchareon
Chairperson of SorKorPor

March 17, 2009

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