Summary of the Grow Asia Forum 2015 at the World Economic Forum at East Asia

grow asia forum summary reportThe World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a summary report  of the Grow Asia Forum 2015 at the World Economic Forum at East Asia held on 19 April in Jakarta, Indonesia. which the Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA) participated in.

“Over 160 leaders from ASEAN governments, private sector, civil society, international organizations and farmers associations gathered at the Grow Asia Forum to set an agenda for this new regional multistakeholder partnership platform working to advance food security and sustainable, inclusive agricultural growth in ASEAN. Leaders committed to strengthening and scaling ongoing partnerships and launching new country partnerships, exchanged best practices, experiences and lessons from the region to develop innovative solutions, and jointly defined strategic priorities for the Grow Asia platform.”

“In the session Enabling Farming as a Sustainable 17218467532_8c3589bcb3_k-11-310x175Business: Empowering men and women smallholders, participating farmers and representatives of farmers’ organizations sent the clear message that partnership priorities should be anchored in the priorities of farmers and should be based on principles of shared value and benefit, shared standards, and trust and transparency. Farmers’ organizations committed to strong engagement with Grow Asia at all levels, from governance in terms of creating a Farmer Advisory Council to on-the-ground participation through identifying and engaging local farmers’ organizations.” (Excerpts from the report)

Click here to download the report

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