News Digest: Taiwan’s Agricultural Exports Grew By 23.6% In 2010 Due To Global Economic Recovery

Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) says that agricultural exports grew by 23.6% or up to US$3.626 billion in 2010 due to economic recovery worldwide. Eels and dancing lady orchids grew biggest by 105 and 95 percent respectively, followed by butterfly orchids, grouper, and green soybeans by 33, 25, and 12 percent, respectively. Poor production of elver in Japan, South Korea, China and major Southeast Asian countries in early 2010 drove the growth of eels export, while faster and more efficient shipping of live fish to China through the Taiwan Strait, as well as the Shanghai World Expo in May-October fueled grouper export increase.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel, December 30, 2010

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