AFFM members attend Avocado Exhibition

AFFM members attend Avocado Exhibition

2017 Dec 4-8 Avocado Exhibition in Hopong Lay, Township Township, Southern Shan State

Date: 6-7 Jan, 2017

Location:  Hoponlay, Taunggyi township, Southern Shan State is about 10 km from Taunggyi and is accessible by car from Taunggyi.


  • U Than Lwin – General Secretary of CTUM
  • Daw Ti Chia Pan – Treasurer of AFFM
  • U Saw Hla Si – President of Sagaing Region
  • U Jubelee           – Member of Sagaing Region
  • U Khen Za Dal           – Member of Chin State
  • Daw Zin Mar Oo           – CTUM

AFFM members produce avocado from Sagaing Region

In sagaing region, there are 5 townships consisting of AFFM members they are  Layshi, Khamti, Don hi, Somra, Nanyun and plant fruits such as avocado, orange, coffee, grapefruit etc. Layshi and Somra townships are 400ft highland and Somra township is 750 kilometers away from Yangon, more than 10000 avocado trees are planted and 15 tons of fruits are exported to India annually.

About Myanmar Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables Producers and Exporters

Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association is a NON PROFIT organization, representing farmers, processors and traders of fresh produce in Myanmar, founded in the year 2006. MFVP is also one of the affiliated organizations to UMFCCI. Members are fruits and vegetable farmers (producers), traders (wholesalers, distributors, exporters) and service providers, covering the entire business chain. The total number of members increased from 500 members in 2006 to around 40000 members by 2015, the vision of the association is: “ Until 2020, the position of Myanmar fresh produce is enhanced in existing and new markets in line with consumer requirements and growers needs”.

The Avocado exhibition aims to improve incomes and competiveness of at least 2,000 small agricultural producers in Taunggyi, and Hopong Townships of Southern Shan State, and Kanpelet, Mindat, Matup of Southern Chin State and associated supply chain actors through upgrading coffee, avocado and elephant foot yams (CAEFY) value chains.

CTUM-AFFM participants to Avocado Exhibition

On 4-8 Jan 2018 the president of Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association (MFVP) invited AFFM members who planted avocado at the Avocado exhibition in Hopong township, Southern Shan State. CTUM General Secretary U Than Lwin, Ti Chia Pan, Daw Zin mar Oo and 2 avocado farmers attended this event. The two Avocado farmers brought Avocado samples to participate at the competition, and 279 varieties were exhibited in this event.

The avocado has recently become a high potential crop for export and increasingly popular among plant farmers in Myanmar has proved to be profitable commercial crop, both for local sale and for export, and there is now interest in the establishment of avocado of any horticultural industry. Now, there is a need to study on native cultivars and varieties of Myanmar Avocado which are grown in Southern Shan State, Southern Chin State, Pyin Oo Lwin Township and Naung Cho Township, AFFM members now participate in member classification to recommend as suitable for commercial cultivars.

AFFM members participants in National Level of Executive Committee in Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter (MAPE)

On 8 Jan 2017 Formation of National level Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters (MAPE) with Chin State, Southern Shan, Pyin Oo Lwin and Sagaing Region participants. The forming of National Level was successful and 19 were elected as Central Executive Committee members and Ti Chia and Saw Hla Si of AFFM were also elected as National level Central Executive Committee members this year.

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