Aliansi Petani Indonesia hosts World Rural Forum’s Asia-Pacific Desk in Jakarta


Jakarta, Indonesia, 4 November 2015 — Following the 5th Global Conference with the theme “Let’s Build The Future: Family Farming” held in Bilbao last 21-24 September 2015, the World Rural Forum (WRF) has set up its Asia-Pacific Desk in Indonesia and appointed Dr. Daniel Ruiz de Garibay as the Asia-Pacific Sector Coordinator.

Aliansi Petani Indonesia (API) will host the desk in its National Secretariat office in Jakarta.

Today, API held a warm official welcome meeting with Dr. Daniel in his new office.

“We introduced each other, telling our experience with WRF (during IYFF 2014), the latest event we participated in Bilbao, and a brief explanation of our plan (the National Committee of FF in Indonesia),” said Ika Krishnayanti, International Relations Staff of API.

“API is glad that Indonesia National Committee of Family Farming and WRF have joined forces in favor of family farming in Indonesia and in the region,” she added.

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