Asian CSOs hold consultation on food and agriculture governance ahead of 31st FAO-APRC

CSOs from the Asian region gather in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 10-11, 2012 for the “CSO Meeting: Consolidating Efforts for Effective Engagement on Food and Agriculture Governance,” being held in conjunction with the 31st FAO-Asia Pacific Regional Conference on March 12-16, 2012.

Viet Nam Farmers Union (VNFU), a member of AFA, hosts the event

The CSO Meeting brings together representatives of farmers, fisher folk, Indigenous Peoples, rural women, rural youth, cooperatives, NGOs and other civil society organizations, to discuss the priority issues that are affecting the food security of the region. Partners from governments, donor community, international and intergovernmental bodies are expected to join.

The CSO Meeting aims to provide the 31st FAO-APRC critical inputs from various CSO perspectives and positions on the priority issues they have identified through consultative processes over the last several years. They are anchored on field experience, giving voices to the concerns and aspirations of the marginalized rural peoples.

Among the objectives of the CSO Consultation are:

  1. To exchange situation of agriculture and food in the region and share experiences with a view to enhancing mutual understanding, solidarity, friendship, cooperation among the CSOs in South East Asia and South Asia for sustainable development of agriculture .
  2. To analyze the situation of agriculture and food in Asia and the Pacific region and to make recommendations at the same time working out proactive, active and constructive measures to cope with common challenges / problems.
  3. To facilitate the integration of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) in the FAO-CSO regional processes and promote other innovative CSO mechanisms in the region towards the strengthening of the role and participation of CSOs in the development processes at all levels.

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