In the News: Violent Land Dispute Between Indonesian Police and Farmers Caught on Tape

(This case should be immediately investigated by authorities! The rights of farmers to their land should be upheld! Land grabbing and farmer harassment cannot be tolerated!)

Jakarta. Indonesia Corruption Watch have reacted strongly to reports that police in Bengkulu Province sexually harassed and physically abused 50 villagers in Seluma district as they protested against what they claim is a land grab by the state.

ICW activist Tama Satrya Langkun, recently in the headlines after he was beaten by unknown assailants after reporting a number of senior police generals to the Corruption Eradication Commission, said they had received concerning reports of a clash between farmers from Pering Baru village and Seluma Police on Friday.

He alleged that police had sexually harassed six women, injured 20 farmers and arrested 21 people in the incident.

The villagers were protesting against state plantation firm PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VII in a land dispute.

Read the full story at Jakarta Globe

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