Issue Paper on Small-Scale Farmers’ Engagement with Private Enterprises (Now available for download)

Small-Scale Farmers’ Engagement with Private Enterprises: Towards Farmer-Owned or Farmer-Led Sustainable and Inclusive Arrangements

AFA Issue Paper, Vol. 5, No. 1, June 2013

“In Cambodia, Thida is happy. Her organization, Farmer and Nature Net (FNN), encouraged her to start raising organic pigs to sell to the market. A partner NGO, the Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC), gave her the necessary training on how to raise pigs the organic and healthy way. Now, she no longer needs to go to town to buy expensive feeds because she can source and make these from the various plants and materials around her. CEDAC is also helping her and other farmers sell their products to the market. This helped her increase her income as she no longer had to sell her products to traders at a low price. Moreover, consumers are willing to pay better prices for organic produce.

“The experiences of this woman farmer underscore the potential benefits of properly organized and managed farmer-owned enterprises or of well-regulated, sustainable and inclusive business and marketing arrangements between farmers and other private enterprises.”

This issue paper looks at, among others, the different types of engagements of small-scale farmers with private enterprises; the trends, challenges, and benefits associated with setting up farmer-owned or farmer-led enterprises; the criteria for sustainable and inclusive arrangements between farmers and the private sector; and what farmers and farmers groups, as well as government and other key stakeholders should do to increase their leverage and power in the market and along the value chains.

It is based on two documents: (1) the proceedings of the consultation-workshop entitled “Regional Learning Session on Sustainable and Inclusive Marketing Arrangements towards increasing Farmers’ Market Power,” participated by 41 persons from 10 farmers organizations in 9 countries and 17 partner organizations, organized by AFA, with support from CSA and Agriterra, and held last May 9-12, 2013 in Quezon City Philippines; and (2) a paper commissioned by AFA, entitled “Trends, Patterns and Trajectories in Brokering Small Scale Farmer Engagement with Private Enterprises in Selected Countries of Southeast Asia,” written by Dr. Nerlie Manalili.

Published by AFA with support from CSA and Agriterra.

Click here to download the issue paper in PDF


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