MTCP2 AFOSP conducts program review in Cambodia

2016-05-28 12.20.19

The mid-term review (MTR) of MTCP2 AFOSP project implementation in Cambodia was conducted May 25-28 , 2016 by Peter Situ, main evaluator, accompanied byRIA represented by Esther Penunia from AFA, CFAP NIA represented by Sok Sotha and Thoern Yap , and FNN represented by Seu Rany and Pan Sopheap. The team conducted meetings with CFAP and FNN, IFAD, SDC, DAPC of MAFF, as well as field visits to four farming families and their cooperatives , located in Takeo and Suay Reng provinces.

Over,all there is good progress: capacity building activities are felt by members at the ground level, there is growth in membership in the national platform, increase in the number of cooperatives being formed, there are initiatives to get involved in agriculture programs of the government and IFAD. With the passage of the Agri Cooperative law in 2014, FOs are now challenged to maximize opportunities under this law and minimize whatever damage it may cause to family farmers . Another challenge is to get significant involvement in the agri-related programs of development partners IFAD, SDC, EU.

The MTCP2 ASEAN is a component of the ASEAN Farmers Organization Support Program (AFOSP) , which is a capacity building program aimed at improving the livelihoods and food security situation of smallholder farmers and rural producers in ASEAN countries. The programs’s purpose is that farmer organizations in ASEAN countries evolve into stable, performing, accountable organizations capable of providing effective and sustainable services to their members and of influencing policy and corporate processes on agriculture and food security issues at local, nationla, ASEAN regional and global levels.

AFA is in a consortium with La Via Campesina in managing this program at the regional level.

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