Time to Listen to Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, and Small holder Forest and Farm Producers


This is the main call from the declaration of participants of the workshop “Building Momentum for Action for Community Based Forestry, Forest and Farm Producer Organizations” held September 5-6 in Durban, South Africa, one of the pre-congress events of the World Forestry Congress. The pre-congress was organized by partners of the Forest and Farm Facility ( FAO, IUCN and IIED). The workshop’s steering committee  comprised their  international and regional partners, including  AFA. In the workshop, Ms. Le Y Voan from Vietnam Farmers Union presented the highlights of their work on farmers in forested landscapes, while AFA Secretary General presented the main policy and program agenda that came out from AFA’s regional consultation last August in Myanmar, as well as the case of the Task Force Anti -APECO in the Philippines as a successful case of influencing national policy.

Click here for the press release

Click here for the conference declaration

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