TWADA 2006 Report

Jan., 2006???????????????????
TWADA member participated in a workshop held in the Council of Aagriculture on consolidate(unifying) on the packaging of the superior quality products for export purpose.

Jan., 2006?????????????????????????
The former TWADA chairman Mr. Chen lead the waxapple producers to a field trip to the biggest wholesale market in Taipei operated by the Taipei Agricultural Company. The auction takes place in the early morning. (The photo was taken between 2-3a.m. in the wholesale market.)

March, 2006??????????????
TWADA Chairman Mr. Tsai. Gave a talk in a training session on the current situation of waxapple product export .

May, 2006???????—?????????
TWADA member Participants in the “Panel Discussion on Agriculture Issues” to voiced their concerns in the meeting.

May, 2006???????????????????—???????
The new Council Chairman of the Council of Agriculture Mr. Sue gave a talk to the 5th GA of the “The Outstanding Framers’ Association of R.O.C.” The member of the Association are limited to the farmers who had been awarded as the “outstanding” farms only. There are 5 members from TWADA that are in the Association.

July, 2006??????—??????????????
TWADA member Participated in the “Panel Discussion on Agriculture Issues “held by the Kaohsiung District Agriculture Research and Extension Station (formerly called Kaohsiung District Agricultural Improvement Station). It is held regularly each month in different Farmers’Associations. Farmer in each region can participate in the meeting and voice their concerns directly. TWADA member Mr. Tai-Neng Chen participated the meeting held in Lin-lo Township

Sep. 22, 2006????????????????????????????????
Integrate Agricultural Development Foundation (IADF) extension Mr. Lin came to TWADA members’ production and marketing Team to take the soil and the agricultural water samples for testing.

Oct.14, 2006??????????????????????????????????????????????
Mr. Tsai, Mr. Chen and Mr. Hsieh Participated “Taiwan agricultural development Elite Summit” held in Tainan Univ. hosted by the Taiwan Advocates.

Oct.19, 2006??????????????????????????????????
COA implemented Regional Workshop on “How to help the domestically produced agricultural product to establish production, marketing and the direct marketing Channel “ in Tainan District Agricultural Research & Extension Station

Oct.20, 2006??????????????????????????
TWADA held its year third joint board meeting of the board of directors and supervisions.

Nov.4, 2006?????????????????????????????????
Dr. Huang, W.C. of NPUST lead the Professors from Chiang Mai Univ. to Visit and interact with TWADA members.

Nov.9, 2006?????????????????104????????????
Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research & Extension Station celebrated the 104th anniversary and the grand opening ceremony at its new location.

Nov.14, 2006?????????????—???????????????????????????
COA hosted “the joint meeting between the agricultural product and the producer (production and marketing team) in NPUST

Nov.16, 2006??????????????????????????????????
Mr. Chen was invited to give a talk at the topics on globalization agriculture, “Taiwan farmers participate in Asia Farmers Organization”.

Nov.17, 2006????????????????????—??????????
Pingtung Country Farmers’ Association Hosted agriculture management trairing program on fruit tree.

Nov.18, 2006??????????????????????????????????
National IFYE Association of R.O.C. 8th GA and workshop on strengthening modernism for grass root ambassadors.

Nov.30, 2006????????CAS?????????????????
Pingtung Country Government hosted “CAS Fruits and Vegetables Marker Promotion and Counseling Seminar”

Dec.2, 2006???????????????????????????
Pingtung Country Government Hosted “the Pingtung city Matzu culture festooned” the agricultural products sales and exhibition.

Dec.8, 2006????????????????????????????
Linluo Township Farmers’ Association held joint staff meeting for agricultural, 4H, home economies

Dec.15, 2006?????????????????????????????
Linluo Township Farmers’ Association held the 2006 Hakka rice product promotion and tasting activities

Dec.18, 2006?????????????????????????????????????
Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research & Extension Station, COA held the southern subregional education and training for food traceability system.

Dec.27, 2006???????????????????????????????1010?
COA food traceability electronic record keeping workshop

Jan.26, 2007???????????????????????????????????
Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research & Extension Station, COA Conducts “the high quality entire tropics fruit appraise achievement open date activity”

Feb.4, 2007???????2007??????????????
Pingtung Country Government Handles 2007 tropics fruit and flowers exposition to begin visits a park the activity

Feb.6, 2007??????????????????
Pingtung Country Celebrates 96 year farmer festival praise congress

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